Handgrip Gasoline Welding Torch Machine

Min. order: 20 Pieces
Trade Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

TypeWelding Thickness(mm)Standard Configuration
QG4-201-51 x Type 20 Gasoline Welding Torch
1 x 10L Blast Proof Gasoline Tank
1 x 10m Oil Resistance Rubber Hose
3 x Type 20 welding Nozzle

The Non-pressure Gasoline Welding and Cutting Torch Machine is a high-efficiency tool for flame-processing metals with gasoline pressure-free self-priming, highly atomized oil and oxygen, and mixed combustion to generate high-temperature flames.

Energy conservation and efficiency:
Compared with an oxyacetylene cutting machine, energy saving can reach more than 85% while the cutting speed and the oxygen consumption are almost the same. Compared with oxygen liquefied gas or propane alkane synthesis gas cutting machines, energy saving can reach more than 55%–60%. In contrast, the oxygen consumption will be reduced by 1/3, and the speed will increase by 1/3.

Safety in use:
The explosion protection of gasoline tanks is filled with military high-tech materials. The gasoline will burn slowly, even directly ignited to gasoline in the tank, no exquisite burning and blast. The gasoline tank is equipped with a standard constant pressure safety valve: on the one hand, which can eliminate the gasoline tank in a closed state after working long hours under the negative pressure generated by the tank; the other hand, which can guarantee that the petrol in the tank will not leak out while gasoline tank is dumped carelessly.

Wide application:
It can be used not only for cutting, welding, and heating all thicknesses of carbon steel, but also for heat melt and flame processing of golden and silver headgear, glass, quartz, electrical products, and dimension stone and widely used in metallurgy, shipbuilding, boiler, automobile, mechanical processing, chemical industry, construction, agricultural machinery, equipment maintenance, etc.


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