M Series Heating Torch

  • This series heating torches are popular in European and middle east countries.
  • These heating torches are easy to assemble and use.
  • They have many DIY uses, induding, simple welding, household repairs, and weeding.
  • Highest welding temperature:1200 ℃.
  • Working temperature:-30℃~60℃.
  • Steel bumper, Single switch,  Brass valve, and connector.
  • Two types of hose.
  • PVC hose with DVGW norm, inner diameter 6.3mm.
  • Rubber hose with  EN559  norm,  inner Dia.6.3mm.
Code Model Fuel D H L M Connector Hose With hosePacking G.W/N.W MEAS
5021M30LPG30 mm8 cm20 cm21cmC1.5m20pcs20/18KGS45x28x30 cm
5022M40LPG40 mm9 cm30 cm21cmC1.5m20pcs18/16KGS55x28x30 cm
5023M50LPG50 mm10cm40 cm21cmC1.5m20pcs22/20KGS65x28x30 cm
5024M60LPG60 mm11cm40 cm21cmC1.5m20pcs24/22KGS65x30x30 cm
5025M76LPG76 mm12cm50 cm21cmC1.5m20pcs26/24KGS75x29x30 cm
Without hose
5026M30WHLPG30 mm8cm20cm21cmD20pcs20/18KGS45x28x30 cm
5027M40WHLPG40 mm9cm30cm21cmD20pcs18/16KGS55x28x30 cm
5028M50WHLPG50 mm10cm40cm21cmD20pcs22/20KGS65x28x30 cm
5029M60WHLPG60 mm11cm40cm21cmD20pcs24/22KGS65x30x30 cm
5030M76WHLPG76 mm12.0cm50 cm21 cmD20pcs26/24KGS75x29x30 cm


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